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    Conditions for participation


    Under Presidential Decree 339/1996, in pursuance of Directive 90/314 /

    Please read carefully the following General Conditions of Participation, before registering any of our packages. Participation in any package of tourism to our office requires careful study of this trip and it means the unconditional acceptance by the traveller ekdromea of the General Conditions of Participation in accordance with Presidential Decree 339/1996. We note also that the General Conditions of Participation out general information and the rights and obligations of both contracting parties in the package, while in terms of concrete and specific information (destinations, prices, days and hours of departure and return, transport, accommodation, visits, etc.) on each package separately, should consult the current form program to our office and the relevant bill.

    Our company under the name "Dimidis Travel Ltd." and the distinctive title "DIMIDIS TOURS", with Athens,  Êifisias AV. No 68, with GTO license number 0206E61000103800 and now called «tourist office», is a member of the Hellenic Association of Greek Tourism and Travel Agencies, travel organizer, either alone or in a consortium together with other tourist offices, serving as an intermediary between other tourist offices and transport, with the ultimate purpose of the sale of these package tours to the traveller.

    2. GENERAL
    The information, data and recommendations contained in the General Conditions of Participation have been checked by our office at the time of drafting of the document, the validity and accuracy, are general in nature and does not apply if something different to the program each trip. The forms programmes including the current price list for each time period given to them. The information programmes of travel may change because of frequent changes and temporary conditions worldwide, particularly in transport and international relations. In this case will be notified directly by the most expedient manner.

    Entries are to visit the offices or the offices of our colleagues, with mail, fax, and telephone, on condition, to pledge positions in this trip:
    1) the payment of the required each time the advance or the whole amount, in cash or by transfer to the tourist office, and
    2) of unconditional acceptance and compliance with these general terms. For a valid entry will be shown proof of payment in advance of this trip, with departure and return dates and any other distinguishing marks. The right to participate in the trip assured by the redemption of all its value and related charges full 10 days before departure. Any non-payment of the total value of travel in the time entitles the tourist office to cancel the reservation and, if necessary, require cancellation, in accordance with the terms of cancellation set out herein. The contractor, who represents the family or his team, has an obligation to inform all represented by this companions on the terms and conditions of the voyage. The participants via a third have the same obligations as the agent entered in the trip, the travel agency put at their disposal all relevant information, wherever OF prompted.

    The value-price trips listed in the current form of our office. Prices of trips calculated on the day issued a price / formula based on our accounting services each voyage, the applicable fares / epinaflous, taxes and other costs, the rate of foreign currencies compared with € Euros, and any other cost factor. The tourist office, after exhausting every possibility of forecasting, reserves the right to adjust prices when the above cost factors change.
    The price of the trip can be changed until 20 days before the date of the departure, due to unforeseen increases in tariffs, currency, fuel, etc. In the event of a price increase significantly (more than 10% of the value of the trip) for the above reasons, the customer may cancel its participation and reimbursement of monies paid. Also, the tourist office has the right, for a fixed period or for a limited number of places, propolisei positions at lower prices, with special conditions overruling. The baby charges vary from case against offer free accommodation, without food, hotels and ships, up a slight discount (for ages 2-12 years and pay only when two adults in the same room / cabin).

    The tourist office has an obligation to coordinate and execute the best possible way travel available to travellers. The tourist office, having exhausted every possibility to provide and care, not responsible for erroneous actions and omissions of third persons, and their collaborators, and for emergency situations, such as cancellations, delays or changes in routes of the various modes of transport (planes, ships, buses, trains, etc.) due to exclusion («embargo») areas because of terrorist actions, strikes and other causes. The tourist office can also be predicted or to check any delays charter flights (charters) or dromologimenon airplanes or ships because of the possibility that small or large delays for technical or weather or other reasons, noted that the tourist office is not able to predict or control circumstances that are foreign to the sphere of influence and may lead to cancellation of the trip or losses due to non-implementation or improper implementation of the agreed services of the journey. Typical examples of such cases are: strikes, accidents, diseases, epidemics, organic disorders due to local conditions, altitude, climate, because meals not included in the programme of travel or because of inadequate hygiene by external factors, injuries or suffering because of war, praxikopimaton, terrorist acts, aeropeirateion, earthquakes, weather, fires, epidemics, toxic contamination and any other emergency or force majeure. In such cases, the tourist office does not bear responsibility for restoring any damage caused by them. We exhausted, however, every effort to support and ensure travellers in any way, without the need to form for the office responsibility or liability coverage of the exceptional costs, which will be covered, as in cases of force majeure, Travellers themselves. Unsurprisingly complaints during his journey, should be reported immediately on the spot in the accompanying (or, failing that, in our office), and in providing this service, in writing. If the problem identified could not be solved on the spot, after his return from your trip, you must submit in writing to our office any related complaint within 7 working days, along with any documents or other evidence have for reasons . After the expiry of 7 imerou, the tourist office has no obligation to reply to any requirement. Following the departure of the customer if harmed by the non-execution or inadequate execution of the benefits package, compensation is limited to that specified by the international conventions which bind the country and governing such benefits. Compensation based on the non-performance or improper performance of the benefits of the package, limited to twice the value in the per person price of the trip. To enable cost-achievement of a package requires a minimum number of 20 (twenty) participants. When a number is not completed, our office reserves the right to cancel the trip must be informed consumers who had claimed involvement in this, and they returned the money had been paid without any obligation to the traveller . Facilities not mentioned in the descriptions of the programmes organised trips or listed as optional or not offered at all the tourist office or available at extra charge beyond the marked price, if they finally make it possible to implement them. Our office is not has responsibility for the optional events carried out by local bodies.

    Because the package involved, usually, and other people, participation in this presupposes similar social behavior, that is why it is essential to full compliance of travellers to the programme of the trip and suggestions escorts or guides and timely use of guest speakers to gathering places for the various benefits of the programme (flights, transfers, tours, excursions, meals, etc.), if the delay and inconsistency of the traveller has resulted in the loss of flight, excursion, travel or other service. In this case, the traveler should be reconnected with the team on his own responsibility and expense, without the right to reimbursement for lost service. The tourist office will make every effort to assist therein. In airports and ports should be at two (2) hours before your departure. If not provided escort to the journey, we must confirm on the ground in the next few flights with your airline and be sure what time and from what airport and terminal (terminal) leave the flight. Any loss of means of transport of the package for delay of the traveller means the loss of the entire trip, if it is not possible to reconnect with the rest of the team at its own expense, without the right to a refund. In this case, the costs of reconnecting with the rest of the team themselves travellers, the tourism bureau will make every effort to assist organizational therein. Should the traveler interrupt his journey on his own judgement and separated from the group, is not entitled to any further service or indemnity and the responsibility and costs of any travel outside group charged to him. By the same token, our office does not bear responsibility for a package of services which are not supplied to the traveller from his own negligence or responsibility, or because of illness. In case the client unable to participate in the package which has kept position, may delegate his reservation to another person, which qualifies for participation in this trip, no later than 5 working days before departure, and especially for shipping deadline is 10 working days before departure. In the event of any outstanding balance of the amount or any additional costs resulting from the sale of the transferor and the transferee responsible solidarity towards our office for payment. Especially in the case of erometaforeon should be noted that it is not possible to change the name of the passenger, but only the cancellation of existing detention and the detention of a new position where this is possible in the case. The tourist office bears no responsibility if this can not stand. And the resulting cancellation of mandatory detention will be made in accordance with the conditions laid down in this cancellation.

    All information relating to the classification or classification of hotels and accommodation referred to the programs of package tours, are in line with current legislation of each country for the classification of tourist hotels and accommodation, which may differ from country in the country. The rooms in most hotels hosting two beds or a imidiplo. The triple rooms are, in essence, double with extra bed. Usually it is not very comfortable and extra beds may be less than normal or sofa or spasto ntivani.Ta rooms delivered from the hotel usually between 13:00-15:00 and is available to tenants until 12:00 of the day departure. If you want to join earlier in the room or to leave later, you must pay the cost.
    Within the individual trips, in case of late arrival at the hotel after a day or hour of the scheduled arrival of the traveller, and so long as he has not informed the hotel and our office, the hotel has the right to cancel the reservation and provide Room for the entire period of detention, if OF prompted. In the case of overbooking on the part of the hotel, our office will make every possible effort to settle the issue, in accordance with applicable in the host country. Here we have to know that travel by coach on tours of Greece positions given in a series of registration and do not change during the voyage, on trips abroad are changing every day. Smoking is prohibited in coach The phrase <through the city> and <will see> on road trips say the endorsement route guidance and views from the coaches point of attraction - building respectively. The duration of a visit oloimeris / excursion is time not exceeding eight (8) hours total estimated always departure and return to the hotel. The term half-day visit / excursion has duration of not more than four (4) hours calculated everything from departure to return to the hotel. It is known in advance and expressly agreed that the airlines for their own reasons, sometimes for their own charter flights of another airlines planes. The case is not a reason for the cancellation of travel by the customer.

    In general, for all travel abroad requires new Greek passport, which have been issued from 2006 onwards. The countries of the Schengen area and receive new identities. Our office recommends that you travel in your passport in force at least until the scheduled date of return. Some countries require passports for travellers to expire at least 3-12 months after the time they arrive there. The tourist office provides all the necessary information concerning travel and other documents required for each trip and destination and adoption and / or approval, but - even provide some assistance in the process-not responsible for any failure to adopt or non-approval by the competent authorities, which must be addressed by the traveler. Especially nationals of other countries, who hold foreign passports, must inform the tourist office and to address themselves to the consular authorities of their country and the countries they will visit. A failure to ensure the timely issuance of visas or travel documents you can not justify the annulment of your participation in the trip without charge overruling. The tourist office provides all the information for any necessary vaccinations or other medical precautions for tropical areas or other epidemics. Because, however, medical and personal data of each traveler, he has responsibility on go on to health authorities.

    Our office has concluded an insurance contract Urban Professional Responsibility for each excursion organized, covering cases of any responsibility towards customers, resulting from the non-implementation or improper implementation of the package. Also, the insurance contract covers the case of insolvency or bankruptcy, the obligation of reimbursement, including the repatriation of travellers. The number of insurance contract and the details of the insurer is available to travellers in such accounts to our office. Also there is the possibility of voluntary insurance in the desired amounts, which our office strongly recommends that. Also, in case of illness you during your trip within the European Union, you are advised to contact the Insurance Agency for adopting a "European Health Insurance Card".

    10. BAGGAGE
    The luggage carried the responsibility of owners, regardless of whether or not there escort representatives of the tourism office. In the case of damage or loss, the relevant international treaties for any transport and hotels, and responsibility, in this case, limited in accordance with the Treaties. In air travel, the weight of luggage may not exceed 20 kg in economy class. In the event that additional costs due heaviest baggage from the permissible, they charged to the traveler and paid on the spot. Note also that airlines allow passengers in the cabin hand luggage only a small (about 50 X 40 X 25).

    11. Cancellations
    Cancelled participation on the part of the traveller are only writing to our office and, regardless of the date of detention (and if they can not transfer to detention in another person with the condition referred to in Article 6 of General conditions of participation , Subject to the following cancellation fees per person, depending on the time at which the declaration:
    Pro # 21 days after the departure of 30 € for travel in Greece and 60 € for travel abroad, per person, for administrative expenses.
    # 20 to 14 days before departure: 40% of the total value of the trip.
    # 13 to 07 days before departure: 60% of the total value of the trip.
    # 06 days before departure to and departure (non show - non-appearance): 100% of the total value of the trip.
    # For cruises different conditions cancellations in accordance with the terms of each shipping company applied for each trip; cruise and example Cancellations for 45-31 days before the start of the cruise withholding is 25% of the value of participation, 30-14 days prior to departure 50% of the value of cruise and less than 13 days to retention of 100% of the value the cruise.

    Charges are made independently from the time of registration or whether they have already paid the corresponding amounts from travellers or not. If one of the two people who are living in a double room cancel its participation, and if the cancellation due not equal to 100% of the total value of the journey, except the overruling, taxidefon will pay and difference in his room, as it will necessarily reside in a single.

    The tourist bureau and the traveler bound to resolve in good faith any dispute that may arise during the implementation of the Convention of the package. 
    In case of failure of those efforts, the parties undertake to apply to the Dispute Resolution Committee Friends of HATTA and seek mediation. If amicable settlement is not possible, the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.